Ash to perform at Zeitgeist Media Festival Aug 5 in LA
Friday, July 6, 2012

Recognizing the power of art and media to help change the world, the annual "Zeitgeist Media Festival" (ZMF) bridges the artistic & activist communities in the hope to inspire change. It recognizes that needed changes in the structural/economic workings of society can only manifest in tandem with a personal/social transformation of values in each of us. While intellectual knowledge serves its role of showing the path, many in the world follow their feelings and comforts - not new knowledge.

We feel Art is the most powerful tool we have to bridge these levels of awareness and inspire action for change. Keeping the gesture of the long history of influential artistic creators whose vision have changed our world for the better, The ZMF works to unify the world through this expression with the basic ethos that we are‚ one species‚ sharing‚ one planet‚ and it is time the world learns to work together for the betterment of all before it is too late.

The‚ Inaugural Event‚ for the now annual Zeitgeist Media Festival occurred in 2011 with over 40 events occurring across 20 countries. While started by the non-profit, social sustainability activist organization The Zeitgeist Movement, the ZMF is open to any socially conscious group which wishes to express change and a better, peaceful world through the power of art.

All ZMF Events are Non-Profit / At Cost Expressions and are organized and run by volunteers. While this is a Global idea and all events are important, we feature one "Main Event" each year which is promoted directly. In 2012, this main event will be in Los Angeles, CA, USA, in August.

Ash Ruiz will perform at this 2012 Main Event.

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