• Live Your Best Year Now

    Happy New Year! Happy New Now! On this 4 session journey we will not just master the tools of transformation for an amazing 2018 but we’ll also gain the confidence to live as the already awakened loving presence that naturally exists as a blessing to all.

    Immeasurable peace and love is your nature and the only reason that gets overlooked is because we’ve been trained to put more attention on our stories than on the shimmering vastness of what has not once been bound to the realm of being told.

    Make 2018 the year you get familiar with yourself. The year you get familiar with your beautiful heart. The year you get familiar with yourself as clarity, ease and stability. The year you get familiar with yourself as a brilliant presence of all inclusive benefit and the year you get familiar with yourself as the creative force that dances worlds upon worlds into existence.

    “Know thyself” is a very real and valuable invitation not to be trivialized or brushed off as “something someone said back in the day” for this invitation is appearing in your Awareness right at this very moment and only you have the power to say “yes” to its endless discovery.


    Here are some more ways you may benefit from our sessions.


    • Complete peace and harmony with body, mind and spirit. 
    • Emotional, vibrational and mental stability.
    • A deep knowing of unwavering abundance.
    • Seeing through and clearing addictive behaviors.
    • BEING the present moment.
    • Naturally responding with wisdom and love.
    • Uncontrived self-love and self acceptance.
    • Discovering and knowing that thoughts, feelings and sensations are not the enemy or the problem. 
    • Harnessing the energetic turbo boosts of stress and anxiety. 
    • Seeing through and clearing general trauma and post traumatic stress.
    • A continuous sense of connection with spirit and all of life.
    • Good restful sleep.
    • True Joy and happiness.
    • Super charged creative intent and clarity of mind.
    • Inexhaustible clean life force energy and vitality.
    • Nurturing and being fully available for true intimacy and deep soulful relationships.
    • Fully activated self confidence and worth.
    • Liberation from self-sabotage and limited mind loops.
    • Fully activated creative brilliance that serves as benefit for all. 
    • Naturally identify less with fear, struggle, victim or lack patterns and more with who you truly and vibrantly are. 
    • True indivisibility - closing the gap between “Human and Spirit” or “Awareness and mind” 
    • Knowing yourself as magic and beauty and effortlessly experiencing that reflected back in every moment. 
    • Getting really skilled at noticing when you’re not naturally being the loving presence you are and relaxing back into reality. 
    • And much much more.


    Your Best Year Now!

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  • Starting Now

    A 3 part Coaching Special for New Clients


    We all want to live from the heart only because the heart delights in living as itSelf and living from the heart feels so darn good! What I call "the heart" can also be described as our innate wisdom, universal love intelligence and the unwavering truth of who we are.

    During our time together we'll explore ideas and assumptions such as "I'm not living from the heart, something needs to happen or stop happening so I can finally live from the heart, 'the heart' and 'I' are separate, if only the world, the other, the circumstance, the thoughts, the vibrations were different then I can live from the heart" etc ...

    We'll also learn how to turn up the volume of the heart's presence, explore its heights and depths and get familiar with its capacity to be a fully reliable resource and space of clarity no matter what may be happening in our world.


    In my experience the fullness of the heart is here and already shining brightly with love and creative brilliance and it is my joy to invite whoever may resonate to notice.


    The "Truly Living from the Heart" Introductory Coaching Special is an investment of $244.00 and includes 3 private sessions and day and night text support for the time we get to in joy each other.

  • Ash Ruiz
    Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Author, Holistic Vocal Coach, Mystic, Singer/Songwriter

    Ash Ruiz has had the honor to guide, celebrate and support others in realizing and confidently being the loving intelligence they truly are for the past 20 years through speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, healing concerts, private and group sessions and by serving along with his group Here II Here as the melodious soundtrack for the greatest spiritual leaders of our time including Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Jean Houston, Byron Katie and The Tibetan State Oracle to the Dalai Lama.


    Having performed in his teens for millions of screaming fans across the planet with latin-sensation band, Menudo, Ash then dove off the top of Machu Picchu into an intense period of open awareness and self-inquiry among the shape-shifting shamans and their wondrous means of dying deep in the Amazonian Rainforest.


    Emerging with a faint note of jungle essence on his breath, his eyes washed clean of descriptive frameworks, he began to sing the song of effortless wholeness. For the next 14 years, Ash ceaselessly downloaded brilliant, Rumi-esque songs which became the lifeblood of “conscious music” band Here II Here (formerly Inner Voice). Ash’s peace-promoting lyrical wizardry - and open fondness for the occasional chocolate-chip cookie - continues to inspire countless thousands of fans worldwide to live and celebrate the beautiful perfection of their authentic self. With an intensely vivid clarity spiked by constant spasms of rolling laughter, Ash’s workshops, talks and music have been featured at The United Nations, on ABC’s Good Morning America, and in large spiritual communities and performance venues throughout the world and now he is here, delighted to be of service to your ever-opening heart, on your adventurous freefall into vivid clarity.



    Get in Touch with Ash!

    Sign up for a creative consultation



    Ash gives private sessions and Clarity Recharge Mentorship to individuals, businesses, couples or groups by phone or Skype,

    and occasionally in person in the Boulder Area or at places where he travels for speaking engagements and retreats. For more information on the private session options please see below.


    Booking a session is easy and can be done by selecting one of the Paypal options. To schedule a free consultation to assess your needs please send an email to innerash@hotmail.com


    Session Options


    Private Session/Clarity Refresher




    During this 60 minute session we'll explore the wondrous and sometimes challenging ways life invites itself to rest deeper into the awakened wisdom of the heart while simultaneously discovering how to activate your innate capacity to emphasize what's true.





    The Clarity Recharge



    Although clarity is our natural state of being, often times it may not seem so only because we’re so good at emphasizing our stories rather than the bright space they appear in. During this 3 month journey we’ll learn to recognize what’s natural about us, explore whether or not it has any limits and activate the confidence for us to live as this bright reality in our everyday lives.



    The Clarity Recharge Package includes ~

    One 60 min session per week for 12 weeks/3 months

    Open communication and support via text, facebook or email





    Weekend with Ash


    You've just gone to a retreat, you've solved the rubiks' cube of existence .... and then you find yourself home for a week. Now what? Because nothing delights me more than being a presence of support and a witness to the hearts capacity to wake up to itself, I'm completely willing to be invited into your usual descriptive frameworks (home, city ... everyday life) to explore, discover and confirm the ever fresh brilliance, possibilities and magic of you, your relationships and your life ... right where you are.


    Just like this moment ... our time together is relaxed and spontaneous and may include moments of deep silence, singing, toning, energy work, shunyata therapy, conversational inquiry, laughter, shamanic exercises, eye gazing, movement meditation, presence walks, small group satsang/open meeting, holistic health and beauty tips and space for however else the intelligence of this moment wants to celebrate itself.


    This option also includes 4 private sessions as a way to anchor and empower our time together.


    To book a Weekend with Ash please send an email to innerash@hotmail.com communicating why you feel this experience will support you on your journey.




  • Testimonials



    "I love Ash! I count him as a close friend, mentor, business coach, soul guide, reality check, and creation itself meeting over and over again. He is a pillar of raw, stunning, wisdom in a rich and sultry life...a life that he loves sharing, and a life that glows fiercely through his eyes! I've worked with Ash for over a year and in doing so have relaxed into / through heavy struggles, renegotiated a salary twice into six figure income, and recognized life in every detail that buzzed around us, from the last leaf hanging onto a Fall blown tree, to the esoteric woman hiking next to us talking to her dog like it was a baby. I treasure Ash so much and would lay a world of wealth at his feet for every two I had to spare."

    ~ Chad T. Boulder, CO


    “Pure, free of limitations, Ash transmits love, awe and wonder, born of freedom, always present. Costumed as a joker, he quietly saturates us, gently coxing out our innate joy, ever reminding us, to release our self created constrictions and fly in this eternal now.”  

    ~ Christopher Hebard Founder of Stillness Speaks.com


    “Ash repeatedly reminds me of the wisdom that lies within my own perfect heart. He is a fierce protector of NOW, a purveyor of Light, and a benevolent gatekeeper of Love. AND all of this comes wrapped in a unique package of wit and creativity that is contagious.”

    ~ Bree Swain


    “I have known Ash Ruiz for 14 years, and in that time I have watched him blossom into a really talented teacher of non-duality. He is gifted with the ability to share from the heart to help the person see and feel free to experience their own awakening.It is pure joy to work with Ash Ruiz. He is sensitive, creative and knowledgeable. He is also spontaneous and fun. He makes Self-discovery as easy and delicious as eating a piece of chocolate cake.”

    ~ Ann Hoffman


    "I have spent countless hours with Ash Ruiz over the last 5 years, both professionally and personally as a friend and colleague.

    Simply put, Ash Ruiz is one of the most awakened human beings on the planet. He is the rare soul who has realized the absolute nature of reality.. and is here to teach you about it. There IS a way to transcend suffering and Ash is the living proof.

    Through deep listening, insightful stories, laughter, thoughtful inquiry and an open compassionate, loving heart, Ash is the rare living teacher, guide, and friend who can anchor you in the spiritual essence of who you really are where one is able to continually embrace the moment unconditionally in a spirit of peace, love, freedom, and empowerment.

    He is a blessing to our planet. Drink from his pure, clear fountain in whatever ways you can."

    - Brian Piergrossi

    Satori Strong

    Author of The Big Glow & The Wow of the Now, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher


    “When I first met Ash, my heart danced. His eyes reflected the purity and joy of my own heart. There was nothing there but kindness. Initially, a thought would say “He looks so strange with that turban and that big smile.” Yet, no matter what my mind would come up with, love reflected back and there was silence and warmth. Whether in the middle of a Sangha, or sharing some Cuban food at “La Carreta”, his soothing presence is like home sweet home. He is a great teacher and loving friend.”  

    ~ Mabel Fernandez




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    If you have a question, leave it here and Ash may answer it during his Live Monday meetings